FD: Finite Difference Toolkit in Maple

About FD

FD is a toolkit for finite difference methods used in solving Partial Differential Equations (PDE). Specifically, it is a set of Maple tools that provides a high level language to define a PDE over a discretized numerical domain and solve it. This toolbox can compute the Finite Difference Approximation (FDA) equivalent of a PDE and generate low level language (Fortran) routines and C wrappers to evaluate the FDA expression or solve it for the dynamical(unknown) field. The process of posing a PDE as an FDA expression has several complications, including finding the proper terms for derivatives with correct accuracy, handling boundary points, initialization, developing testing facilities and generating solver routines. FD is designed to simplify these steps while allowing full control over the entire process and helps the user to focus on the underlying physical/mathematical phenomena described by the PDE. It also provides a rapid prototyping language to apply various discretization schemes, test the desired accuracy and develop a solid set of routines that are parallel ready and can be used within a framework of a parallel computing infrastructure such as PAMR.

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