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I am Arman, a physicist in previous life, and now a data scientist. My interests are in solving analytic problems and employing mathematical models, statistics and computational techniques to challenges in industry and building enterprise solutions. I have build several machine learning tools and worked on data science projects in natural language processing, predictive modeling, forecasting, text mining, information retrieval, and recommendation systems. I have also obtained expertise in large scale distributed computing and numerical algorithms as part of my PhD program in computational physics [+].

At the moment, I am completely obsessed with natural language "understanding", applications of deep learning in semantic search engines, and question-answering retrieval systems. I co-founded Aida with the dream of bringing recent advances in NLP to the customer support conversations. I am also pretty addicted to Python and am trying to find my way to contribute to its amazing open-source community. In my free time, I do landscape photography [+], resistance training, and travelling [+].

Please feel free to contact me, if you think we have something to chat about! I love intellectual conversations, anything startup, bad puns and good beer!